Take This Lollipop

Oh my goodness!!! I just saw ‘Take this Lollipop’ now I am going to have night mares. When I gave ‘Take this Lollipop’ site permission to use my personal details, I freaked out and tried to cancel but It was too late, the process had already began.

I then had to sit through watching this horrible looking man go all Goo Ga over my profile. When a photo of my kids came up I wanted to be sick. I’m actually still shaking while I type this blog.

Just goes to show how easy it is for any person or predator to gain access to your personal information and especially have access to your kids. 

This has really opened my eyes to some of the dangers that technology can produce.


The Teacher’s Guide To Flipped Classrooms


This is quite an interesting article . I feel it offers both pros and cons for students to engage in a flip style classroom. I believe being an on-line student I am engaging in a flip style learning process where majority of my learning and researching is on-line. This style allows me to acquire a degree as well as enabling me to work to provide for myself and my family. This style would help those students with high absentees, especially the students who have no control over not being allowed to come to school due to having to look after young siblings or parents. These children are usually quite smart. 

The concern I do have is that I don’t think it helps students socially. I know myself that when I am doing my study I like to be alone to concentrate. I also struggle with the collaborative assignments that some subjects make us do through this course where we have to collaborate with other on-line students. I prefer to just poke along and do my assignments in my own time not any body else’s. 

I did though like the comment in the article stating ‘Flipped classrooms may just be the future of education. Quite simply, they’re a setup where the teacher acts more like an adviser than a lecturer. It lets the students have a more hands-on approach to education.’

That’s definitely me ‘more hands on approach.’ That’s why I look forward to pracs.

A School With No Teachers, Where Students Teach Themselves


Not sure if I’d vote for this as I may be out of a job but it would be a good solution to look at for our unemployment crisis and for students who drop out early and don’t have any direction in life.  

I really like this quote from the article. I feel some of our children of today want to be given information and not find the information themselves. I call this being ‘spoon fed.’

“We don’t want to teach them stuff. We want them to find solutions on problems, because we don’t know the problem in the future. So we are creating students able to learn by themselves.”

3 Ways Coding and Gaming Can Enhance Learning


Wow! who knew mine-craft was educational? Well actually I thought it was but I hadn’t linked it to History or maths more so graphics and design. My kids love it. Not to the point where they are addicted as my children are sports mad but when they have some down time they have created some amazing things. My son built a MacDonalds with a drive through and it was two stories. I think we called it Mega MacDonalds. It is a great game for creative thinking and assists children to use their imagination which I feel some children have lost.

How does one of the top-performing countries in the world think about technology?



This is a very interesting article about the inclusion of technology into the classroom from other countries. Singapore seems to be way ahead with technology than America which is quite ironic seeing as though the focus is on what the Americans invent technology wise.

What I like about the article is that it combines old school teaching with new school teaching. New meaning engaging the students with technology learning and old meaning general class discussions before computers.  Use the technology to engage the students for researching then ask the students to put tools down and have a general conversation about what they have discovered or learnt. Both teaching strategies can work together.

Sharing an Assignment 2 blog

Thank you Nicole for sharing your reflection regarding assignment 2. I refer to your comment regarding that this is the first time you have done a unit plan. This is the first time I have enjoyed constructing a unit plan. I’m not getting my hopes up too high when it comes to marking my plan but I really would like to utilise this unit plan on a real class. I feel that my ideas and activities are going to waste. I have trouble finding academic style words to put down on paper as my strengths are being a practical and hands on learner.  Though I have found it quite easy to construct the activities for my unit plan. Maybe it’s because ICT is quite a practical and hands on learning tool.

Teaching Respect and Responsibility — Even to Digital Natives


This article is really interesting . This is why it would be good to see a greater and more constructive involvement of parents and schools in the digital lives of children. Technology is only going to grow as time goes on.  I would like to see parents and schools understand the advantages of using technology and that ICT tools can educate children,  not just see the dangers, as it’s often solely the case.