Practical Experience Reflection

Finally I am able to sit down and reflect on my practical experience after having to submit three other assignments at the beginning of this week. I really have a sore brain.

My experience was unforgettable in such a positive way. I was so lucky to have an extraordinary mentor teacher and a really good class of Year 4 students. There weren’t too many difficult behaviours, just a really chatty class that could be quite draining at the end of the day.

Through all the pracs I have experienced so far, this would definitely be my most rewarded. I was able to witness through the students completing a math revision test of all the concepts that they had learnt over a five week period. Through this assessment I saw that the math concepts that I had taught them enabled the students to do really well with these concept areas. I thought to myself, ‘Yes I can teach.”

Another highlight was introducing the iPads into math rotations. The students thought this was an excellent part of the rotation and told me this was by far their favourite activity.  They had never utilised the iPads in class before so I was really proud of my planning and implementation of this ICT tool.

I was reading Nicole’s blog regarding behaviours in the classroom. Using ICTs in the classroom really assists in aiding behaviour management as you can tell the class that if they don’t work hard or listen, then they may not be able to use that ICT tool. This strategy worked with the students in my class. They definitely wanted to use the iPads.

I used the IWB for most of my lessons. I felt that implementing hands-on activities helped keep the students engaged. I had one day of hiccups. I wanted to use the IWB board to put the bomb timer up for the students to do mad minute multiplication when the server had dropped out. Plan B came into place and I went to my next ICT option and used my phone which had a timer on it and made a noise when the time was up. One thing I learnt before prac especially an ICT one, is to have plan A, B and even a C.

Overall my three weeks was amazing. I can’t wait to go back to my host school and discover more teaching tools and strategies and to keep on pursuing high expectations for myself and my students.