Second week of Practical Experience

What a tiring but eventful week I have had at my host school. My lessons have gone very well due to me feeling more confident and relaxed while teaching and I have found that I have the students respect which really helps for behaviour management. I utilise the schools behaviour management plan and rewards as well as rewards I have improvised myself.

The highlight for me happened on Thursday 29 May, 2014. My mentor teacher asked me to organise and implement the math rotations for the day. I had to plan four rotational activities for small groups. One activity was a 6 times tables bingo game, an activity sheet about the concept of chance, an activity involving the tossing of a coin and collecting data and recording it on a bar graph and the last activity was Ipads.

The Ipads were a hit as the students told me that they had never used them before in class. I was shocked! The concept for the week was 6 times tables so I found an app that was already downloaded and the students navigated this activity. I assigned a teacher aide for this and the feedback she gave me was very encouraging. She said the students were engaged the whole fifteen minutes of the rotation and there weren’t any behaviour issues. I was very thorough with the rules prior to the rotation and I was very proud of the students for listening to the instructions.

I have to organise math rotations again next week, so Ipads are definitely on the program.