second day of prac

I am starting to settle in quite well with my host school for my practical experience. I gave my first lesson today which was Math. I had to teach the students 6 times tables by writing them on the board and asking the students to copy the tables into their math book. While I wrote the tables on the board, I chose a student who had their hand up to give me the answer for the sum. For students who weren’t familiar with the 6 times tables, I thought they did really well.

After the tables were completed I then engaged the students with an interactive math song so they could sing the 6 times table. The activity was called Percy Parker and the Biswazs Bees. The students were very engaged and participated in the song.

I then moved onto teaching the students the concept of chance. This was quite daunting but very exciting at the same time as I was the one teaching them a new concept. I really had to research and plan to make sure I was giving the students the correct information. After I explained the concept I then wrote some scenarios on the board asking the students if these scenarios were possible, impossible, likely, not likely to happen. We also used words like chance and definitely.

After demonstrating on the whiteboard I engaged the students with an interactive game where they had to choose whether something was possible, impossible, likely, or equally likely. The students seemed to like this activity and were very engaged when asked a question.

At the end of the lesson which went for majority of the middle session, my mentor teacher gave me a very constructive report of how she thought my lesson went. It was very positive and also had pointers for where I can improve on  which assisted me in planning for my next lesson.  Taking all her advice on board has made me more confident for tomorrows lesson.