First day of prac

My first day of prac was quite good. I was able to get to know the students, learn what their capabilities are, what level of learning they are at, who the independent learners are and the students that need assistance.

I am teaching a class of year four students and I have two mentor teachers. One from Monday to Thursday and the other on a Friday. I was also told that the Friday teacher will be with me for a week while the other teacher goes on long service. I was a little worried about this at first as I would have to work with a supply teacher  but when I found out that my mentor teacher on a Friday will be with me I felt more relaxed. Even though yesterday was my first day, I thought we both worked very well together

The behaviour management system is really good in the classroom. The students are given money as a reward and then they can buy something out of the prize box at the end of the week. This system I feel is really good as it incorporates mathematics and problem solving as well as positive reinforcements. 

My mentor teacher has given me a timetable and the subjects she wishes me to plan for so this weekend Guess what I’m doing….


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