Facebook Security

Whilst surfing through word press I came across Nicole’s blog regarding ‘Take this Lollipop.’ She too had the same concerns as me. Reading Nicole’s blog triggered a memory regarding a conversation I had with fellow work colleagues last week about Facebook security.

I mentioned to my colleagues about the ‘Take this Lollipop’ site and then a colleague said that her daughters don’t use the check in function on the Facebook page as it alerts people to where you are. I have used this function many of times and I thought nothing of it. It is actually quite a concern as I was thinking of custody battles and families that are trying to keep safe by hiding.

What if your children were with a family member e.g. cousins, aunties, uncles and by accident, not really thinking of the concern, they tagged these children as to where they were. It allows for whoever you are keeping your children safe from to have access to them. I know this comment may seem a little extreme, but I do believe it could happen.


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