Hi to everyone,

I just completed navigating the Connect.ed website. In my opinion it is quite impressive. I like the cyber-bullying message on Youtube, in particular the video made by the catholic education where they used a Cold Play song as an emotive message. The use of heartfelt music with sad expressions really makes you understand how children feel when they are bullied.

I also played some games such as:

  • Pic your Friends
  • Drop Box
  • Crowd Surfing
  • Flip and Fix

All are very useful when explaining to children the dangers of cyberspace and technology, especially what can happen if you share your information to the wrong person.

I was a little concerned with the activity Crowd Surfing. It was asking the student to choose the right person to pass a message on to a friend. In my opinion they are asking the student to pick a friend purely on what the friend looks like. For example there was a character that was dressed very smartly with his top button done up; a character that was tough looking wearing a singlet and spiky hair; another character wearing a plain shirt with prickly hair. I clicked on the character with prickly hair and was told that this person is not a suitable friend because he wouldn’t pass the message on. I felt that the activity was setting the students up to be stereotypical and judging a person’s character or personality by the way they look or dress.

I like Hector’s World. It is a colourful series of short stories/messages with great animation that the younger students’ would relate to.

Whilst navigating Connect.ed I have learnt as an educator as well as a parent to not take things for granted when it comes to cyberspace. If we have educated our children wisely and taught them about the dangers of technology then we should be confident enough to trust them to make the right decision while searching the internet. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be one step ahead of them making sure that they are making the right decisions and not sharing information to the wrong people.



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