The Teacher’s Guide To Flipped Classrooms

This is quite an interesting article . I feel it offers both pros and cons for students to engage in a flip style classroom. I believe being an on-line student I am engaging in a flip style learning process where majority of my learning and researching is on-line. This style allows me to acquire a degree as well as enabling me to work to provide for myself and my family. This style would help those students with high absentees, especially the students who have no control over not being allowed to come to school due to having to look after young siblings or parents. These children are usually quite smart. 

The concern I do have is that I don’t think it helps students socially. I know myself that when I am doing my study I like to be alone to concentrate. I also struggle with the collaborative assignments that some subjects make us do through this course where we have to collaborate with other on-line students. I prefer to just poke along and do my assignments in my own time not any body else’s. 

I did though like the comment in the article stating ‘Flipped classrooms may just be the future of education. Quite simply, they’re a setup where the teacher acts more like an adviser than a lecturer. It lets the students have a more hands-on approach to education.’

That’s definitely me ‘more hands on approach.’ That’s why I look forward to pracs.


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