Holiday reflection

Last week my son and I went to a soccer camp at Toowoomba Grammar.

I was so in awe of the school and imagined myself teaching there (no harm in dreaming).  The facilities along with the opportunities this school offered students seemed unbelievable. You could feel the presence of hard work and discipline as you walked through the school and it’s amazing buildings. There was actually a building there that was built 6 months ago and it looked like it had been built back in 1876. 

The school has their own photographer whom I spoke with for awhile. He attends to all the school functions taking photos of the students and events. This is his own business and he is employed by the school, he is also an ex Grammar student finishing year 12 in 2012. I thought to myself how amazing is that attending the school, which he said he loved and then employed by the school. He also boards there and is one of the house teachers looking after the students that board in his particular house.

He also told me that he was crazy about photography all through senior school and he really enjoyed anything with technology. He said that he processes everything with his computer and said that he spends a lot of hours in front of it. I said that I knew how he felt.

I thought how amazing is this person following his passion all through school and then living the dream. It just goes to show with hard work and dedication our dreams can come true.


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