Staying on track

The past couple of months have been hell for me and uni. I’m a third year student and I came so close to throwing in the towel and not finishing my studies. Lucky I have a fantastic partner, two beautiful children and supportive parents who encouraged me to keep going.

I then read Nicole’s post and noticed that a lot of other students are finding it quite challenging trying to juggle everything. This week was the start of holidays and I so wanted to not touch the computer and enjoy the time with my kids, but I thought this is the best opportunity to get ahead of the four subjects that I’m doing and stay on track. I’m so glad I did. I have four days in Toowoomba starting tomorrow which I can’t wait to get away, though the laptop is coming with me.

In reply to Nicole’s blog again, I too did not get the concept of the quiz but I’m glad I got the third question right regarding the time. Yay Me!


2 thoughts on “Staying on track

  1. G’day Tanya, Just a quick note. The link you have in this post is not to Nicole’s blog. It’s the link to what you would see when reading her blog via feedly. The post you were talking about is here the link you have included is I will fix this up in the system, but please take care to use the right links (at least if you want to get credit for it in the learning journal report).

    BTW, I commented on Nicole’s post about the quiz.


    • Thank you so much David for letting me know and fixing my post. I really appreciate that you did that for me. I now know not to do that again.

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