Reflection of Unit Plan

Tonight’s blog is a reflection for me as I chip away at my unit plan for assignment 2. I’ve started my learning experience one and have been overwhelmed as to the detail that is needed in a lesson. I feel that my mind is in two parts of thought. First thought is OMG! why are we doing this when the teachers of today download a unit plan from C2C and teach the content from the printout? Why do we have to go through all this pain, suffering, many headaches, endless amounts of caffeine and tired eyes trying to come up with activities, descriptors, questioning, research, objectives, reflections. topics etc. when the curriculum and content is planned for us already?

Then the other thought process of my mind says this is how you teach, direct, engage, enjoy, be creative and make a difference. Sure C2C is there to make sure that the curriculum is followed correctly and that the students are engaging through the correct learning descriptors but teaching can also be spontaneous and student directed. 

Although the process of constructing unit plans are very tedious, it also has it’s benefits of allowing us to be creative thinkers and make learning enjoyable.


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