Scootle Resources

While following the learning path I had to complete an activity which was to find a resource on Scootle. What an amazing site. I also noticed that a fellow blogger, Nicole thought the site was amazing too. Nicole said she had wished that she knew of this resource tool sooner as she would have utilised the site for her other pracs. I was actually thinking the same thing.

I found a fantastic interactive activity called Who Lives Here?  The students search a rainforest habitat in north-east Australian for clues about animals that live there. They track down hidden animals and find clues such as animal sounds, tracks and shadows. Students also check species descriptions to identify which animals might live in the area. At the end of the activity the students write a survey report including observations and conclusions.

This activity is great for grades 4 – 7.

The strand for this activity is science/science as a human endeavour

Key learning objectives

  • Students observe differences between animals that suit those animals to particular environments.
  • Students identify methods for protecting living and non-living things.

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