EDC3100 Assignment 1


While exploring feedly which is an amazing technology tool, I came across a reflection blog by a blogger named Abigail Jaraja. I related to this blog straight away as Abigail seems to be in the same situation as myself, trying to juggle four subjects at one time. I also have the dilemma of working full time as well as being a mum of two. My juggling act is getting a little messy. Abigail also stated in her blog that she wasn’t quite sure what web tool she was going to use for her artefact. I too was unsure as I was choosing between prezi or glogster. I have used prezi before and it is very good to use. It enhances creativity and is an easy program to utilise. I haven’t used glogster before. I’m not quite sure how glogster works so I need to spend some time researching it. My thoughts are heading towards prezi as I feel quite confident using this. Abigail also stated that she has a wonderful teacher called Ms Kim to share ideas and questions with. I too have an amazing mentor at the school where I work. She has such a fantastic technology curriculum implemented into her classroom. She has given me some fantastic resources for my blogs and I thank her for that.



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