Reflection on ICT and Pedagogy

During this course I have tried my best to engage in the learning process of HOW and WHY it is important to use ICT in the classroom. My knowledge is expanding by learning about and actively engaging with various ICT tools. The tools I have learnt about are twitter, blogs, scootle and feedly to name a few. At first I thought they sounded like cartoon characters but once you find your way through utilising these tools it can become quite addictive.

The content learnt so far has broadened my knowledge as to what ICTs can do in a positive way for students’ learning. Although I am asked to assist students’ through my work as a teacher aide, using ICTs or hands on activities where possible, this course so far, has given me the confidence and exposure to various and endless availability of ICT resources. Through this course I am challenged and encouraged to incorporate ICT into the curriculum for a greater student learning experience.

Through my work I am participating in ICT Personal Development (PD) sessions once a week. Combining this course with these sessions is giving me the confidence to use ICT in the classroom to help benefit the students’ learning and understanding as well as having fun.


  •  Our students today are digital learners. Must acknowledge, recognise and cater for.

  • ICT is a tool that teaches us how to learn and creates lifelong learning skills – i.e. teach a man to fish and he will eat forever, teach a child to search and they will always find information.

  • ICT allows differentiation for all students.

  • ICT allows extension and remedial programs to occur without reflection on student directly.

  • ICT allows students to show what they know when previously they wouldn’t have been able to e.g.  A science report is difficult for a child with poor writing skills, but if voice recorded, Prezi, slide show, movie etc it allows them to show what they know, not just what they can write.

  • ICT is necessary in all forms of society – planning for the future.

  • Allows students to access real experts – e.g. the year 7 class at my school spoke in real time with Wendy Orr, author of Nim’s Island.

  • Allows interaction with other students in all parts of the world.

    Upon reflection I discovered this fantastic website from Education Queensland about the reasoning behind the Contemporary Practice Resources. There is a lot of reasoning in here for why we should have ICT in the classroom; the contemporary learner tab has a great source of info.

     “An effective school pedagogical framework accommodates the ways in which today’s young people interact, learn and develop identity, and responds to society’s demands on education.”— Education Queensland – Pedagogical Framework

    Education Queensland (2014) states that students, even those who are frequent users of technology, may not fully realise the potential of technology to both empower and maximise their learning potential. They need explicit teaching and support.

    They also suggest that in a school environment, they need to connect with teachers who can support their use of technology in learning, assist them to find quality, relevant resources, and guide them in critically evaluating the notions of others and creating and publishing their ideas for a wider audience.


    Through my reflection I have discovered that technology gives teachers and students the ability to teach and learn in more mobile, immediate, connected and collaborative ways. I feel at the completion of this course I will have the confidence and ability to empower my students’ to utilise all possible areas of ICT and to have the confidence and ability to try new things.


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