Technology for therapy

The last four days have been traumatic for myself and my two children. I had to make the most painful decision to put our dog down after he attacked someone. Our dog was my sons best friend and to try and explain to him what had to be done absolutely broke my heart.

This blog is a personal reflection of how technology can be used as a therapy tool. I want to say that without technology my son would not have had an outlet for his grief.

After the decision was made and a lot of tears shed, my son went downstairs and started to play on his xbox.   Five minutes later I heard my son talking and discovered that he had skyped his best mate that he has known since preschool.

Due to this amazing technology tool, my son was able to find some comfort and distraction from the hurt that he was feeling by talking, laughing, playing (xbox live)  and venting to his best mate.


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