14 things that are obsolete in the 21st century schools


This blog by Ingvi Hrannar O’Marsson is a fantastic read. I particularly like number 4 as I do this myself in the class room as a teachers’ aide. The mobile phone I feel is a wonderful tool as it can help if you or the student is unsure of a word or it’s meaning. Sometimes you are not able to have access to a dictionary especially if you are working out of class. Having the opportunity to Google information on the spot for a student especially if it’s researching for an assignment or You Tubing something. I also like number 10. Wow! what a great incentive for students especially in the upper grades who wish to pursue a career in ICT. It will enhance that early platform for when they start high school and have a positive attitude to the subjects they need to pursue in the area of ICT.


2 thoughts on “14 things that are obsolete in the 21st century schools

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    • Thank you for your comment Nicole.
      We didn’t have computers, tech rooms/labs or anything technology when I went to school. We had electric typewriters and thought that was high tech.
      Computer rooms/labs are fantastic! Students can utilise these rooms whenever they wish which makes it easier for them to get their assessment/work completed and in on time. I can imagine how difficult it would have been for you to complete assignments due to not having access to a resource like a tech room. I definitely agree with you also that students have all different levels of learning and not having access to a tech room/lab at anytime could make it very difficult for some students to finish their work.

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